Our Story

We are a group of passionate animal lovers.


We love our community.

Our family-oriented business has been here for the pets of Fort Dodge for over 40 years, and we’re thankful for your continued support. We love every single moment spent with you and your pet.

This is our story.

Dr. Michael Bottorff comprise the professional staff at East Lawn Animal Hospital. Each of our veterinarians has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Iowa State University. Dr. Bottorff graduated in 1978 and has decades of experience.

Raised in Sac City, Dr. Bottorff is the son of a veterinarian who practiced large animal care. Dr. Bottorff became involved in his father’s practice during childhood, fostering early veterinary learning and a deep appreciation for the well-being and importance of animals in our lives. He learned that our relationship with animals is the greatest influence on their health. This is how East Lawn Animal Hospital was founded.

After graduating with his DVM, Dr. Bottorff spent 6 years developing his skills in Hollywood, Florida, at a large referral clinic. Here, he learned that anything is possible in the way of advanced veterinary medicine. He also affirmed that being a good veterinarian is a lifelong commitment and that there is something new to be learned every day.

Dr. Bottorff partners with his wife, Tina, who handles our office and operations management. Dr. Bottorff and his wife have a daughter, Alyssa, who also dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Although far from being realized, her dream allows her to gain valuable experience helping out at the clinic. Dr. Bottorff and his family receive a great amount of joy being involved in people’s lives through their pets. At the end of the day, we try and do our best to return just a piece of the love our pets give us. We view it as an honor to be a part of their and their owners’ lives.