Pet Boarding

Your pet’s home away from home.


Comfortable Pet Boarding in Fort Dodge, IA

At East Lawn Animal Hospital, we take pride in the quality of our boarding facilities and staff that care for your pets! You entrust your furry friends to us, and we work our hardest to ensure each pet is safe, comfortable, and happy. Dogs and cats have their own runs/kennels, which are kept clean and disinfected. Dogs are exercised outside at least twice daily, with puppies and the elderly given more opportunity to eliminate.

All animals that board are required to be up-to-date on all vaccines including Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. They must also be free of external parasites such as fleas.

Our boarding center is focused on pet happiness.

Our temperature-controlled boarding area provides 11 indoor runs for large dogs (2 of which are isolated in case of sickness or increased risk of aggression) and 32 kennels to house both boarding and hospitalized animals. We provide towels/blankets, bowls & food/water for every pet in our care. The food we provide is a bland gastrointestinal diet that helps prevent upset stomach, but we know pets can be finicky sometimes, so we encourage you to bring the food that your pet is comfortable eating from home and we will make sure they get it.

Also, if your pet has a special dietary need or requires daily medications that are previously prescribed, be sure to bring those along so that we can ensure that there is no interruption to their care while you are away.

Customized Care for Each Pet

Our on-staff veterinarians are available to check on your pet in case of a problem or if a potential problem arises. Whether your pet stays for a weekend, week, or longer, rest assured your friend is our friend and is always welcome! We also have an isolation area to ensure potentially contagious pets are kept separate from the general population.